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Cyber Defenders, LLC is a veteran and minority owned cyber security software development firm.  Cyber Defenders, LLC is also in partnership with a number of  like-minded cyber security firms collaborating to create products to help defend against our client’s cyber threats.

The Solutions:  We designed our products to withstand a compromised network under full-scale nation-state level cyber warfare. This was our starting point. Our core product Fortress™ is develop, research and supported exclusively in the USA.

  • 4.5 years in the making… we placed Fortress™ in the cloud and it with stood over 25 million attacks without being breached.
  • We now, as this date, are conducting a Worldwide Cyber Challenge. The challenge is on day 878 and has withstood 9,016,268 server attacks (not counting pings) from 184 countries without a breach.  Those number include attacks from several elite “hacker” teams private, corporate and government to include military.  We took the challenge to 2017 Def con (R) (annual hacker conference) and offered a $20K hacking prize if they won our challenge.  No winner. After one year into the Worldwide Challenge we gave the attackers a admin password to help in their efforts and still not winner.
  • We believe it is a matter when and not if when you will have a cyber event.
  • Fortress™ currently blocks 1,339,000 phishing sites and 68,000 malicious IP’s and growing.
  • Fortress™ installs in 3.5 minutes and is deployed by email! Watch Fortress™ being installed 
  •  t if your company will have a cyber attack.  Let’s help reduce the attack surface and do remediation when necessary.  If you are interested in a free 30-45 days product evaluation, please contact us or call 803.807.2111.

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