We built Fortress™ with a number of defenses to protect your company from internal and external attacks.

When we think of stealth, we generally think of airplanes:

We have applied Stealth to our Fortress™ server protection. It is based on the adage from the Gulf Wars in which the US said ‘If we can find it we can hit it. If we can hit it, we can kill it’.   So, if you can’t find a server, it is difficult to begin to hack it. (or in cyber security parlance: ‘begin the kill chain’)

 Fortress ™ Product Sheet 

Take our Worldwide Challenge which is on day 1047 with 12,947,499 server attacks (we don’t count pings) from 184 countries:

1) Breach the server at this IP address:

2) Use the admin password:  aAGFmwt7Pph8

3) Decode the file ‘horses.txt’ located on the server and determine the contents

We invite participants in all countries of the world to try this challenge, if it is legal for you to do so. Giving you the IP address breaches our 1st layer of defense and we give you the admin password– otherwise the server would be invisible.  Good Luck!  Let’s know if you are successful. Contact us.

See the daily cyber attacks stats and logs here.

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