Installing Fortress™ Video

The video shows how to install Fortress™  It installs in around 3.5 minutes!  Contact us for a 60 day  evaluation of Fortress™  or call 803.216.2630.  CD SWA Fortress™ Server End Point Protection Data Sheet

Installing Fortress™ Server End Point Protection Video

Fortress™ key Points:

* Fortress™ is a Linux Hardening and Monitoring product for Ubuntu(R) * and  Certified on Parallels Virtuozzo Container and Oracle Virtual Box.

* It protects web servers, FTP servers, and Mysql Database servers. Installs in 3.5 minutes and by email!

* It hardens the entire LAMP stack (Apache, Linux, and MySql).

* Fortress™ has been a global challenge to hack it for 1081 days. 13,897,661 attempts (not counting pings) have been made from 184 countries without success.

* Fortress™ has been attacked by military and Fortune 500 red (penetration) teams without success.

* A $20,000 bounty was offered at DefCon 25 to hack  Fortress™. These are the world’s best hackers who hack military and government systems. There was no winner.

* Starting in March 2018, the Fortress target server’s administrator account password was given to hackers to “help” them get in. No one has.

* Fortress™ has multiple levels of defenses. All the above attempts never breached the 1st level.

* Fortress™ uses Artificial Intelligence to shape its defenses while under attack.

* If someone inserts a USB device into a Fortress™ protected server, you are notified via text to your cellphone.

* Fortress™ automatically applies patches to the system it is on.

* You will be contacted in Fortress™ needs your help. Otherwise it is designed to functional autonomously, greatly lowering manpower needs.

* Fortress is stealthy and difficult to find in order to attack.

* Fortress currently blocks 1,339,000+ malicious IP addresses and 68,000 malicious domains at the Firewall.

Contact us for  a 60 day evaluation of Fortress™  or call 803.216.5630