Lancelot™ Small Business Server Protection – Free


Lancelot™ is a free software product designed to protect your new Ubuntu 64-bit web servers and database servers as well as other types of servers.

Lancelot is a scaled-down version of our Fortress™ product for medium to large enterprises. Lancelot is for small business with a single web server.  Picture this. Lancelot is installed on your server and you can go about using your server for SFTP, SSH, vending websites, hosting a database server and backing it up all while under ferocious attack! Lancelot was built from the beginning to function in a totally compromised network.

It works so well and is so automated that you can forget about it. Should a hacker somehow breach the outer defenses, Lancelot has more layers of defense. If it were somehow possible to breach enough layers, Lancelot will message a human for help.  Buy as a subscription month to month.


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